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Neurosurgical Patties

Paha ® Neurosurgical Patties are manufactured of 100% high-quality natural fiber. All Neurosurgical patties have a suture thread attached in order to facilitate the post-operative count verification. Paha ® Neurosurgical Patties having properties of:

High Absorption Capacity

Paha® Neurosurgical patties can absorb up to 630% of its own weight of fluid.

No Adhesion to the Underlying Surface

Due to the high absorption capacity, Paha® Neurosurgical patties keep the underlying tissue moist, even over longer time periods, and are effective in avoiding adhesion and both sides are Non-Adherent and Smooth.

Ideal Softness, Flexibility and Adaptability

Paha® Neurosurgical patties are absolutely position-stable. Moistening not required and it is also soft in dry state.

Comfortability and Effectivity

Paha® Neurosurgical Patties can resist even high levels of stress. Use of neurosurgical patties during laparoscopic urologic procedures yields a clear vision that enables the surgeon to perform the procedure more comfortably and effectively.

Conforming to Tissue Contour

Highly conforming to tissue contour when moistined.

Position of Identification String

String sewn by hand and protruding above pad surface.

Peel-apart Packaging

Single Pack soft packaging 10 patties countable.

Suture Thread

The suture thread attached to the surgical patties is for identification purposes only.


Paha® Neurosurgical Patties are processed by Gamma Irradiation.

Product Pictures