international arch of europe award

international quality convention

The annual International Arch of Europe Convention will take place on April 27th and 28th, 2013 in Germany, in the InterContinental Frankfurt Convention Hall of Frankfurt. Companies from 72 countries will gather to receive the International Arch of Europe Award.

This recognition is based on the criteria of the QC100 quality model, implemented in over 100 countries, and will be sponsored by ImarPress with 26 publications.

Business leaders will present their companies for an international audience and will participate in conferences regarding quality case studies in companies in search of quality and excellence.

The 26th International Arch of Europe Convention Frankfurt 2013 is part of the annual program of B.I.D., Business Initiative Directions Awards, designed to recognize the prestige of the outstanding companies, organizations, and businessmen in the business world.

This year, in Frankfurt, during the International Arch of Europe Convention on April 27th and 28th, 2013, the Awards will be handed out at the ceremony in the InterContinental Frankfurt Hotel.

The Ceremony will be attended by companies from 72 countries, together with leaders from different business fields, professionals from the worlds of economics, the arts and corporate image, quality experts, as well as academic personalities and representatives from the diplomatic corps. The event will be covered by reporters, television cameras and photographers for the media.

We are pleased to announce that we have joined the gelatin hemostat family.

Production of gelatin powder and gelatin sponge hemostats were firstly implemented in Turkey.

Preliminary Evaluation of absorbable and partial absorbable meshes have passed the quality controls. The large scale production will be launched.

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How They Work?

Oxidized regenerated cellulose

The pH value of oxidized regenerated cellulose varies from about 2 to 4. When exposed to blood, oxidized cellulose turns to a dark Brown because of degradation of red blood cells with subsequent formation of acid hematin. The hemostatic action of oxidized cellulose is in part due to styptic action from the low pH of the material.

However, the effect produced is slight, local, and transient since the carboxyl groups of the oxidized cellulose are rapidly neutralized by buffer systems in blood (1). The hemostatic action of oxidized cellulose is primarily due to a combination of local mechanical action and chemical activity (2,3) that results in the formation of an 'artificial clot".

Oxidized cellulose, along with the damage to the bleeding tissue surface, activates platelets. The material swells as it becomes hydrated with blood components and gels with increasing biodegradation; some of the damaged blood vessels are mechanically "sealed off' in the process, and an "artificial clot" is formed chemically using oxidized cellulose as a scaffold.

Oxidized cellulose has been used as a topical absorbable hemostatic agent since the 1940s in variety of surgical procedures; neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, gynecologic surgery, anorectal surgery, abdominal surgery, cardiovascular surgery, thoracic surgery, head and neck surgery, pelvic surgery, and skin and subcutaneous tissue procedures.

1.Miller. J.M., Jackson. D.A. and Collier, C.S. “An investigation of the chemical reactions of oxidized regenerated cellulose.” Exp. Med. Surg.,1961, 19, 196-202.

2. Frantz, V.K., Clarke, HJ. and Lattes, R. “Hemosiasis with an absorbable gauze (oxidized cellulose).” Ann. Surg.;1944, 120, 181-98.

3. Frantz, V.K. and Lattes, R. “Oxidized cellulose-absorbable gauze (cellulosic acid)” ./. Am. Med. Assoc.;, 1945, 129, 798-801.

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16 - 19 November 2015


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02 August 2012

Our collaborative study about concept of antibacterial materials was published in Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters.

Congragulations to our R&D Team.

2011-2012 Export

We exports to 40 different countries all over the world, which make up approximately 75% of our company turnover. By this performance we became the 89th company all over the Turkey in Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical category.

We are just getting start.