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Research and Development

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Altaylar Medical develops and produces technological biomaterials for surgical operations, such as hemostatic agents with specific functions and bio-absorbable and non-absorbable implants/materials.

R&D team is managed by highly qualified specialists including Pharmacist (M.Sc.), Biomedical Engineer (M.Sc.) and Medicinal Chemist (PhD).

As a result of collaborative studies of R&D team, we believed that our company will take a leading role in medical sector.

Enhance your product quality through Altaylar Medical

As a developer and manufacturer of biomaterials, we are aware of our product quality. Altaylar Medical quality policy, developing products at a high level standards and thus meet the needs of our customers as possible.

Our equipped laboratory let us controlling every step of production lines. We are able to perform several tests such as pH in different solvents and simulated body fluid, carboxyl content, carbonyl content, burst strength, thickness, water absorption capacity, pore size etc…

In addition, we analyze our crude and final materials with sophisticated instruments NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance), IR (Infrared), SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) by using our collaborative University/Institute's facilities.